Friday, May 16, 2014


Major Points of developments should come by the new government

                In India there have been multiple party administrations from the past years. So there don’t have a specific planning for the major developments in India due to the interference of the political parties. If any decision by the government have not been supported by the support parties. Now India got a single party government, so this government can be done lot of thing for the development of the nation. Major areas to be considered as follows:-

1.  Indian currency value will increase
2.  Price inflation will be reduced.
3.  Developments in infrastructure, transportation, electricity supply , agriculture etc  so availability of resources will be increased

1.  We have to check how the Currency Value will be increased. There should have two things to be considered. Firstly the strength of the Leader of government to make decision and to implement the decision. If a PM has power to take decisions and implement them, there should have so many opportunities to investment to India by the foreign companies and foreign government in the fields of technology and industry. In this situation foreign currency should be invested in India so our Indian Rupee has more value because there should have more foreign currencies our investment.  Secondly there have lot of international companies should be purchased Indian companies shares and they are ready to support Indian companies in technology so our share market index will be increased and rupee value should be increased simultaneously.  It leads reduction of interest rate also.

2.  Let us check how our prices will be reduced. When our Indian rupee value increase, we can purchase more foreign currency and purchase of petroleum products. So our price of petrol should be reduced in one side and in other side our cost of production will be reduced because electricity charges and cost of power consumption also reduced due to reduction in oil cost, cost of transportation will be reduced due to reduction of oil price and utilization of foreign technology.  When the production cost reduced our products cost and price also will be reduced.  And we will have a high quantity of production also and again it will lead to reduction of price.  It’s very important that the entire price hikes are purely depend up on the cost of Oil. When the product prices increased and production decreased there would not have poverty. So there should have earning to the poor peoples and they can increase their standard of living.
3.  If the above two things happen there should have big opportunity for the other developments like industrialization. Manufactures will get Oil power, Man power; Investments in less cost so there should have an industrial revolution so our resources can be utilized for the maximum. It leads price decrease in constructions, transportation electricity and all.